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YesToMexico Response: U.S. Embassy Alert Misleads Mexico Travelers

On Wednesday, March 6, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City issued a “security alert” that outlined “unforeseen problems” Spring Break travelers might encounter during a visit to Mexico. YesToMexico believes this alert creates a false parallel between travel to Mexico and very isolated, unlikely events.

The alert does not include any new or increased threats to travelers, and many of the potential dangers listed are general in nature. In addition, there have been no changes to Mexico travel warning levels from the U.S. State Department in 2019, despite the new “security alert” issued by the Embassy.

“Travelers planning a trip to Mexico for Spring Break should not hesitate to enjoy their trip because of this reckless alert,” advises Sarah Kline, YesToMexico Board Member. “The Embassy might have had good intentions but given the misleading narrative that persists due to sensational headlines, that is not what most people will interpret.”

Need more convincing? Consider this recent statement shared with FOX News by Liberty Vittert, assistant professor in statistics at Washington University, “You have a higher risk of dying by motorcycle accident or of accidentally drowning in the next year than of being murdered in Mexico as a tourist.”

Enough said.

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