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Safety First – Traveling With Kids to Mexico This Summer

Mexico has a long history of being a popular family destination with U.S. travelers. In fact, Mexico was voted the #1 destination for family travel. However, today’s headlines would have parents believe the destination is not fit for families, despite that being far from the truth.

With summer about to be in full swing, families should feel comfortable traveling to Mexico. For those with slight hesitation, some simple advance preparation can help them enjoy and have peace-of-mind.

Whether your clients have already booked or you’re trying to help them make the decision, here are some quick tips to share so they can conquer their trip south of the border.

Eliminate the Variables: Anxiety can come from uncertainty. So why not eliminate a few variables, especially if that means greater safety assurance? While you will likely handle many details before a client leaves, should families want to plan something impromptu, here is some advice to share:

  1. Forget the taxi and schedule transportation with a licensed and insured transportation company.
  2. Considering an offsite excursion or beach activity? Only use a resort or cruise-affiliated operator.
  3. Stay on the beaten path. While seeing a “local” side of any destination reveals the authentic culture, it also can put you in unfamiliar surroundings. Only travel to places that are deemed safe by a resort and consider group tours when available.

Learn the Language: Whenever in a new country, it’s always a great idea to learn key phrases at the most basic level to help you communicate and get around in case you ever get turned around or lose track of your tour group. Having an international phone plan and storing the number of the resort, shuttle service and tour operators also adds a level of security to any getaway.

More than a Passport: When traveling internationally everyone always thinks about having the right documentation to enter a foreign country. However, to ensure you’re prepared for unexpected circumstances, consider having other valuable documentation. For instance, if a child is not traveling with their parents, they will need notarized letters of consent to travel outside of the U.S. Another pro tip: Leave copies of the passports/birth certificates at home and in your suitcase in case they are lost.

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