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Travel Pulse: Mexico’s Top Tourism Destinations Deemed Safe
The United States Department of State issued an update for its travel advisory to Mexico ...
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Travel Weekly: A big year pushes Mexico up the tourism ranking
MAZATLAN — Mexico has jumped to the sixth most visited country in the world, Mexico ...
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Condé Nast Traveler: Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Says Come on Down, Everything’s Great
The head of Mexico’s tourism industry pushes back on safety concerns—and the media—while extending a ...
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Global News: Is Mexico safe? Experts say yes, despite isolated attacks on tourists
With recent isolated attacks in some part of the country, some travel experts say Canadians ...
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The Miami Herald: Don’t be fooled: New U.S. travel guidance says Mexico is as safe as Spain or U.K.
Contrary to what you may have read in Fox News and other U.S. media, the ...
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