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We love Mexico. And, we believe it’s time to speak up about what makes Mexico a spectacular vacation destination. Our goal is to share fact-based information about tourism in Mexico.

The Mexico we know is home to friendly and welcoming residents, gorgeous palm-lined beaches, and sparkling blue oceans. It offers amazing and diverse cuisine, unique eco-adventures, breathtaking ancient ruins, and an abundance of art and culture. Mexico has a stable and democratic government, a powerful, open economy, and a strong commitment to the rule of law with effective security procedures in place. Now the sixth most visited country in the world, Mexico hosted more than 39 million international visitors in 2017. We think everyone deserves to know Mexico the way we, and millions of others, already do.

YesToMexico is an independent, non-profit organization based in the U.S. We are led by a board of directors comprised of like-minded professionals who desire to see greater balance and context in conversations about Mexico tourism. We are not focused on advancing any individual, company, political point of view, or organization. Our only purpose is to share fact-based information about travel to Mexico.

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